Apple has announced an important change but its decision has sparked reactions and controversy online and there are those who speak of “extortion”.

Talking about the Apple company in recent days above all means talking about a controversy that is mounting starting from the decision made by Apple itself and which, at least on paper and at least in theory, should be the decision that we have been expecting to see for a long time .

Very heated controversy over Apple’s proposal on the App Store – Sjbeez

But apparently whoever read between the lines of the official statement released by the company makes no concessions and directly accuses them of having written simple rubbish. This is expressed by Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, who entrusted the social network belonging to Elon Musk with his long reflection on what was announced by Apple as a plan to adapt to the new rules introduced in the European Union with the Digital Markets Act.

An adjustment which, however, does not actually seem to be what everyone expected to see. Because behind the formal opening to the possibility of having marketplaces other than the App Store on Apple devices there would be a whole series of new locks to keep the Apple ecosystem even more closed. And Apple’s CEO isn’t the only one with something to say.

Apple’s proposal? "A horror show"

To understand the amount of poison that the CEO of Epic Games released through his long message on the social network that we once called Twitter, we need to take a step back. Epic and Spotify have been at loggerheads with Apple for quite some time, due to the restrictions and constraints that the Apple company imposes and it was therefore to be expected that the proposal made by the company to adapt to the new rules of the digital market in Europe he would have found more than a few criticisms.

Will Apple open up to third parties and be more like Google? – Sjbeez

In fact, in what the company declares to be its way of adapting to European demands, it is not just Tim Sweeney who sees an attempt to adapt but without actually doing anything. However, remaining in the statement made by the CEO of Epic, what Apple intends to do would still be unfair towards the developers.

That they would be forced to “choose between App Store exclusivity and the new terms, which are illegal under the DMA, or accept a new illegal anti-competitive scheme filled with new garbage taxes on downloads and the new system of taxes on unprocessed payments of Apple.” A somewhat convoluted phrase which in fact recalls exactly what Apple proposes.

The company has in fact formally declared that it is open to the possibility of having marketplaces other than the App Store but that, for example, there will be a new annual tax for all downloads exceeding one million, a tax of 50 cents for each download. Something that obviously should not be calculated for those who decide to remain in the App Store without accepting the new conditions.