Is your Apple device accessory ruined? You can exchange it in the shop without paying: here’s how it works.

Buying an Apple device can be a good investment. It requires a certain amount of money, but that doesn’t mean it’s a waste of money. In fact, all of its products offer several useful features that the end user might like.

Change your iPhone cover like this: you won’t pay anything

Many people are fascinated by the photographic sector of iPhones for example. The problem is that after a while the accessories get ruined. Unfortunately, it is an inevitable process that happens for different reasons. But in what situations do they wear out?

Maybe we used this accessory very often, or it fell into a puddle. It may have even been soiled with food while we were eating on the fly. The specific reason cannot be known. For this reason it is advisable to be careful when deciding to buy accessories. They must be looked after with care, otherwise they will get ruined. And the covers are the ones that suffer most from these situations.

Worn Apple accessory, you can change it this way: you won’t spend anything

But there’s no need to worry about it. In fact, there is a way to change your accessory without spending a single penny. Let’s take the cover of an Apple cell phone as an example. If it has worn out within a few months of purchase, just go to a company store. At that point they will provide a replacement.

Thanks to this trick you will not pay to change the accessory

The only request is that a receipt or purchase email be shown. In fact, they will have to be kept the entire time you use it. Remember that this procedure cannot be valid two years after purchase: it is not a guarantee. Apple tends to regulate precisely these circumstances to create a sort of protection for users. Also because his covers don’t have low prices.

And if the product has visible defects without problems, it can still be exchanged. Alternatively, you can return the product, although this is a completely different process. This is the only way to change the accessory without spending anything. Keep this in mind to avoid ruining it. This does not mean that it should be treated as much as possible.

In fact, Apple does not guarantee infinite changes, because in any case it is important to be very careful when handling these expensive, premium and very delicate products. What is certain is that at least once after the official purchase, if necessary, you can have your accessory replaced for free.