Inside Apple, the team that has dealt with the service offered by Siri for years is being cut. What future for the digital assistant?

Rumors began to spread, collected mainly by Bloomberg colleagues who spoke to people very close to the issue. Apple is in fact ready to announce the closure of part of the team that deals with Siri and artificial intelligence to move and reorganize resources.

Siri loses pieces, its team downsized – Sjbeez

It is nothing new that companies moving into tech are restructuring their internal workforce but at the beginning of 2024 we are witnessing what seems like an epidemic. Between video game development teams, sectors and offices within large streaming companies, even problems within one of the commerce giants, many jobs are disappearing rapidly.

According to the most neutral analysts, this is a physiological movement after the in some cases uncontrolled expansion of previous years, especially the years of the pandemic which for some short-sighted people would have lasted forever with always positive growth. The Apple company’s move specifically affects one of the teams in the United States that are responsible for listening to what Siri hears from users and how she responds.

Siri team gets reshuffled, Apple moves everyone

The voice assistant of Apple products is a convenience for many who own an iPhone: making phone calls, opening and closing apps, checking email or navigating. Everything can be done by summoning Siri. But apparently there is no need for all the people who now work between Siri and artificial intelligence.

Is your voice assistant at risk of going mute? – Sjbeez

After going through a period in which conversations between human users and the assistant were listened to and evaluated by people hired but external to the company, a few years ago everything was moved to an internal team. A team that has several locations in various parts of the world with two of these teams located in the United States.

The one based in San Diego, which specifically deals with the English language, Spanish dialects, Portuguese, Arabic, French and Hebrew will have to join the other Apple team located in Texas. The Apple company has not yet officially announced this wholesale transfer but those directly interested have already been informed and have the possibility to choose whether to move or try to stay in the company by applying for the other positions present or even find luck elsewhere.

These are not redundancies made overnight and all those who are unwilling or unable to move will receive a buffer exit to help them during their job search period. However, what interests users all over the world is obviously the future of Siri. There shouldn’t be any problems with the service given that a good part of the team is already in Texas anyway.