Apple is already thinking about its new products but what will the next iPad and iPhone be like? According to a report, we won’t see any scandalous news.

What will the future of Apple products look like? A question that there is always someone trying to answer in front of and behind the scenes. At this time of year, above all, reports are multiplying that attempt to give a vision of what will be in the plans of technology companies for the next few years.

What will the next iPad and iPhone be like? Apple ready for the technological leap – Sjbeez

We are not talking so much about the next 12 months, which in most cases have already been largely organised, but about the next 24 or 36 in which something could still move. And precisely as far as Apple is concerned, there would be a report that would look at the future of Apple’s products but apparently without following the latest trends that are instead becoming popular and following its own line of thought.

This is certainly something that does not surprise us, given the recent past and the present of Apple, which is always ready to follow its own path and, rather than following trends, invent new ones. What will the next devices be like? Aesthetically perhaps nothing will change but inside everything will change.

The new unexpected Apple projects go against the grain

If we asked you what you think is the trend that has been seen this year and that someone will probably continue to show in the next year or two, it is likely that you would answer that it is foldable devices. And after all, after the Samsung Fold and Flip, other portable device manufacturers have decided to take this path, such as OnePlus, which has a device that opens exactly like the Samsung, as well as it is worth remembering the project presented by Motorola for the smartphone which becomes a bracelet by bending completely into a U.

In the future there will only be Apple devices with OLED screens, it’s about time – Sjbeez

According to some experts, Apple is also thinking of something like this but according to other reports, in particular one published by Nikkei Asia, what Apple experts are finally focusing on would not be either iPhones or iPads that fold but in finally giving Those who own a MacBook will have an OLED screen exactly like the ones that should arrive soon on Apple tablets.

The idea of ​​foldable tablets remains one of Apple’s obsessions, this is evident from other reports, but apparently there is also room to bring convenience to those who rely on Apple for their desktop needs. As for the timing, there is no information on when the first MacBooks with OLED screen should arrive even if the Nikkei report talks about 2025 for production.

In fact, new MacBook models are currently in development. As far as foldable devices are concerned, it seems that we will talk about them again after all the devices have switched to the new OLED screen technology. The first foldable iPads could therefore arrive no earlier than the end of 2026 or even 2027 and the iPads will arrive earlier than the iPhones.