Tim Cook has demonstrated a sincere interest in the well-being of Apple users, going beyond the traditional role of a CEO.

When a celebrity interacts in some way with his fans it is an event that always attracts a lot of curiosity. And if in most cases we hear about singers and actors who lend themselves to initiatives with ordinary people, in recent days a great company executive, as well as one of the most influential men on the planet, has also made headlines for a similar reason.

Tim Cook has made headlines for a very particular reason – Sjbeez

We are talking about Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, one of the most important technology companies in the world, who recently amazed opinion with a profoundly human and out of the ordinary gesture. His recent interaction with two Apple Watch users revealed a surprisingly empathetic side, demonstrating how technology, when used wisely, can truly make a difference in people’s lives.

The Apple Watch, one of Apple’s flagship products, is known for its innovative features, including health and wellness tracking. Aside from being a fashion accessory and fitness tool, this device has proven to be a literal lifesaver for many users. Over the years, several stories have highlighted its ability to monitor critical vital parameters, serving as an early warning in potentially dangerous situations.

Tim Cook amazes two of the users of his devices

Two of these stories involve Michael Gallegos of Wichita, Kansas, and Christopher Oakley of Asheville, North Carolina. Both had experiences that underlined the vital importance of the Apple Watch in their health and survival.

The Apple CEO interacted with two Apple Watch users (Photo YouTube CBS News) – Sjbeez

Michael Gallegos attributes the fact that he is still alive to the Apple Watch. He received a low heart rate notification from his watch, indicating that his heart rate was concerning. This early warning led him to seek medical attention and he was later diagnosed with a previously undetected heart condition and subsequently treated with the implantation of a pacemaker.

Gallegos thanked his son Nick for giving him the Apple Watch, a gesture that proved lifesaving. Christopher Oakley, 68, experienced a similar situation. His Apple Watch recorded data that indicated a minor heart attack, information that was crucial for doctors to provide timely and precise treatment. Oakley had to undergo emergency surgery, but thanks to the data provided by his watch, it was possible to intervene in time.

What makes these stories even more extraordinary is Tim Cook’s personal response. Both men, grateful for the vital role the Apple Watch played in their lives, decided to write to Cook. Surprisingly, Apple’s CEO not only read their emails, but also responded personally, expressing gratitude and happiness that their product had made such a significant impact.