Android 15 could totally revolutionize a specific area of ​​its operating system: the details of a great revolution.

Only a few weeks ago, Google officially released its new Android 14 operating system. Initially available on the Pixel series and then also extended to other brands with their respective customized versions, the little green robot has been able to update itself with a long series of changes that have already they are now being greatly appreciated by consumers. Both at the interface level and the actual tools.

Google announces big changes with Android 15

But as always, the tech world runs at a fast pace and we are already starting to talk about what could be the peculiarities of Android 15. Among other things, there is talk of a small revolution for a specific aspect of the platform. And if the rumors were to be confirmed, we can already say that it would be a huge step forward compared to what we have seen to date. To the delight of consumers and industry experts.

Android 15: the update that could make everyone happy

A fantastic novelty that was discovered in preview by some experts, who had the opportunity to analyze the code of the latest beta of Android 14 QPR2. And that could become reality with the next major update to Android 15. According to what has emerged, a huge step forward will be made regarding the everyday usability of the software, with a gem that can certainly be appreciated.

The Android 15 update that will make users happy

We are talking about voice activation of apps. A feature accessible by going to Settings, Apps and Special app access. From this page, it seems it will be possible to provide voice activation permissions for some specific apps. So they can be used via voice commands, without the need to use your hands to type and touch on the screen.

As explained in the description section, "adaptive sensing will ensure that data remains private and accessible only to the user". According to initial hypotheses, the innovation will be able to operate by exploiting Android’s Private Compute Core, without the need for processing the data coming from the microphone.

A huge advantage that can finally also be activated for third-party apps. So that, for example, Alexa or ChatGPT will be perfectly compatible with the voice of consumers as already happens with Google Assistant and Bixby. Android would be enriched with new virtual assistants capable of carrying out operations more quickly and intuitively. Whether this will truly be the case or remain rumours, time will tell.