The essential and practical guide to placing a pre-order on Amazon: PC and smartphone, all the essential steps.

Who knows how it would have turned out without the Coronavirus pandemic. Who knows if the now common fashion of e-commerce and (more or less compulsive) online shopping would have exploded. Maybe. We will never know, even if the feeling is that one way or another they would have gotten out.

Pre-orders on Amazon, smartphones and PCs: same procedure – Sjbeez

Covid has left us with online shopping as a gift. Shopping of any kind: from food to clothing, including every type of purchase with discounts and offers attached. Here Amazon has become the number one e-commerce in the world. Amazon Prime subscribers can enjoy countless benefits, including a streaming platform for the most part, which is absolutely worth using if we make a lot of orders. Yes, orders. Orders and pre-orders.

Amazon pre-order, the payment procedure is identical to that of a normal order

You can now easily pre-order items on Amazon, in advance: products that have yet to be released. You will even be informed via notifications when a pre-ordered item will be shipped, all without spending any money until the pre-ordered item is shipped, at most the charge will be a few days before. The payment procedure is identical to that of a normal Amazon order: the customer-user will receive updates via email and will be able to check the progress of the pre-order at any time.

Amazon, which carries out pre-orders: everything under control – Sjbeez

Booking at the minimum guaranteed price (only for sales advertisements in which this wording appears) is simple and intuitive, especially increasingly used especially for hyped clothing items, which very often we don’t have time to buy because they are already sold out , or we can’t find our size. That’s it. Go to the platform, log in to your account (very often it is required) and in the top bar write the name of the product you intend to pre-order.

By clicking on the magnifying glass icon, once you have identified the product you are interested in and read the description which confirms the product you want, check the release date (if available) and above all make sure that the Reservation option is available. guaranteed minimum price. If there is, that’s it.

On smartphones and tablets everything is equally simple and intuitive. You must always start from your account, write the name of the desired product, always check the description, check that everything actually corresponds to what you want to buy, then tap on the Pre-order now button.

Pay attention to the delivery address shown in the Shipping Address section, it is not a small detail, you will avoid unnecessary problems, finally select the payment option you intend to use to complete the order. Do you want to use a different payment method from those already set? No problem: add a new card to your Amazon account. And then wait: with notifications and purchase tracking, you’ll have everything under control.