How do you spent your free time? If you only have five minutes you can try these games. It will be like taking your brain to the gym.

When we think of games we usually think of them as something used to pass the time at the airport, in line when going to the doctor or for all those moments when there is nothing better or more interesting.

These games have a secret power for your mind – Sjbeez

But science has shown that even what we call games can actually be an interesting mental exercise to play to improve some basic brain skills. In fact, as happens with the muscles of the body, the brain also has its own plasticity which allows it to learn everything it needs for survival.

A plasticity that naturally tends to deteriorate but which can be counteracted with some activities. And among these activities there are some that perhaps you even consider to be a waste of time. Get ready to change your mind and above all to change your habits in a fun way.

Games to play at least once, the secret of long life

The games we propose are games that have different purposes, but the main one is not to deceive expectations but rather to help the brain stay lively and vital. And the best thing is that they can all also be found in digital versions. Which means you can turn on your computer or unlock your smartphone and do some brain training.

Sudoku isn’t just done on paper! Try online – Sjbeez

Have you ever thought about taking part in some online Scrabble competitions, for example? One of the party games that most easily put friendships and family relationships at risk has several downloadable incarnations for mobile devices and can be a pastime to play alone or against other players online.

The same can be said of chess: at any level, chess is a cardio exercise for the gray matter that should not be underestimated. And if you like moving pieces, we also recommend you try checkers, the classic one with black and white pieces that can be played with two or the Chinese version, which can also be played with six people.

Other games that can turn into a workout for the mind are those that are usually played with pen and paper: crosswords and sudoku. Sudoku in particular is perhaps the easiest due to its rules and the fact that only numbers are used but it is also one of the most widespread mental exercises of all.

Online there are portals and special sites dedicated to the creation of ever-new schemes and you will never be left dry. If this type of game seems a little old-fashioned to you, we recommend that you download and use, albeit with a little more attention to time, one of the many games in which the levels are passed by finding the objects that are found in a specific time. indicated. In online stores for smartphones you can find all types, shapes and sizes.