Will Alexa have its own subscription within Amazon? The idea that spreads online and the possible reasons behind Amazon’s choice.

For those who have an Amazon Prime subscription, choosing to add Alexa is often a thought that then turns into reality. Through Echo devices it is possible to have a whole series of services ranging from music playback to audiobook playback, with everything in between and which can also be transformed into an interactive learning experience.

Will you also pay to use Alexa? (Sjbeez)

For example, there are some Alexa skills that can transform Amazon’s voice assistant into a foreign language coach. But according to a report published by Business Insider there would be something new on the way. Something that would go by the name of Alexa Plus and which could improve the experience of human users with the synthetic voice. But at a price. The new service should in fact resemble ChatGPT much more and this improvement would then translate into an additional cost.

Amazon’s new paid Alexa but everything is still up in the air

The rumors circulating concern Amazon’s desire to come out with a superior and improved version of its voice assistant. Talking to Alexa is fun at the moment but far from a conversation with anything even vaguely resembling a human. Amazon’s idea is therefore to provide its customers with a voice assistant with capabilities much closer to ChatGPT, at least in terms of rendering speech fluidity.

Alexa could improve but only for a fee (Sjbeez)

But all this should end up having a cost and turning Alexa Plus into a paid accessory service. The reasons why the company might actually decide to create a paid version of Alexa are easy to trace. The voice assistant comes at a huge cost to society in terms of feature development and upgrades but generates almost nothing in return.

Given that in September last year the same company declared that Alexa was ready to use generative artificial intelligence, it is clear that costs have increased. Amazon’s choice to give users a better service but to have them pay for it with a separate subscription might seem shocking, especially since Amazon has already tweaked its subscription, but if you look at the situation with a little more breathing room you begin to understand see a common pattern.

OpenAI itself also provides a basic ChatGPT service for free but to take advantage of the superior, more updated and faster version, you need to pay a subscription and there are starting to be rumors that Google’s Bard could also receive an improved version with paid artificial intelligence . When will this new version of Alexa arrive? The same rumors speak of June this year but given that the system is not yet ready and is in the testing phase, it is very likely that nothing will change before the end of the year.