Extra large, oversized AirPods: they are the largest in the world. A high-performance device that costs very little. How to buy it.

It may be because of that design that has always fascinated, in perfect Apple style, an eye for the aesthetics that distinguishes the Cupertino giant and, sometimes, even manages to hide some flaws on the performance side.

AirPods, the most loved and imitated Bluetooth headset in the world – photo source: apple.com – Sjbeez

It may be for the adaptive equalization, which automatically calibrates the music based on the shape of your ear, with those microphones facing inward that detect what you are listening to, calibrating the low and medium frequencies but above all eliminating any type of surrounding noise. Will be.

Apple’s AirPods, now in its third generation after the AirPods Max, has been one of the most successful products from the Cupertino bunker since its inception. Loved and desired by fans of the most famous bitten apple in the world. Imitated by many.

Giant oversized AirPods, never seen anything like this. The only small thing is the price

Now here is a giant, oversized Bluetooth earphone speaker for AirPods Pro. A Wireless Bluetooth model never seen before in Europe. Beyond its spectacular dimensions, we are talking about a 222x100x90 millimeter device, the reviews are particularly striking. Always a discriminating factor in an online purchase.

AirPods giganti – photo font: aliexpress.com – Sjbeez

"There is no noise, the sound quality is fantastic, it’s the best" writes one user. "I am satisfied with the purchase of this product, it takes a while but it arrived in good condition" writes another, with five stars attached. The top. Here’s the third clue that has been around for a while: “Excellent audio and they arrived very quickly.”

We could continue, the lowest common denominator of the reviews of the giant, oversized Bluetooth earphone speaker for AirPods Pro, have a lowest common denominator, qualifying but positive adjectives: from good to excellent, passing through useful, repeated several times.

The device specifications of the giant, oversized Bluetooth ear speaker for AirPods Pro explain how it works: 5V, 5W power. 2 inch speaker specifications, charging: DC 5V/1A-2A, Bluetooth version: 5.0. And more: power consumption 25W, three play modes: TF card play/Bluetooth play/U disk play, at the same time, it is also an FM radio.

Hands-free calling has a built-in high definition call microphone. Works with any device that has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack: laptops and smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and more. Long-lasting battery, with large capacity: 1200mAh. These AirPods on AliExpress cost just 7.64 euros, thanks to a 66% discount. The reviews speak for themselves, check them out.