A 4K TV but you can’t see it like they promised you at the store? It happens but you can solve it with some settings to change.

They are now becoming the norm in many homes. But 4K TVs sometimes don’t seem to cooperate. Super-sharp images, details that feel real enough to touch, colors as rich as the real thing, everything that was evident at the store suddenly seems gone the moment you bring your new TV home and take it out of the box .

Does your 4K TV look old? Have you checked this menu? – Sjbeez

What could have happened? In reality it is likely that no one has actually explained to you how to best set the various options and menus which will then put you in a position to actually have the 4K images you are looking for. From color to white balance to hidden tricks in the menus, here’s everything you need to know to have the TV you dream of.

Tricks for a truly beautiful 4K TV

The more TVs can do, the more complex they become to manage and set up. For example, if you have purchased a 4K smart TV it will certainly be much more complex, but also with many more possibilities, than the old TV that you brought to your holiday home and which you only need to overcome moments of boredom if it is too hot or if rains. 4K TVs are already capable of giving you a lot when they come out of the box, but there are some settings you can change to make the most of the images and sound.

4K TV, the images can really be better with a trick – Sjbeez

First you’ll need to make friends with the various image settings. This is a menu in which there are usually various items that adapt the color rendering, lighting and everything that has to do with viewing based on the content you are watching and based on the place where the TV is located. is installed. For example, if your TV is the preferred screen for home cinema, check that you have activated the cinema mode, while if the TV is an everyday companion with variable programs, the standard mode will be fine, which is the one with which you usually TVs arrive preset. Another feature to check is whether or not there is an eco mode.

You can keep it active or decide to turn it off if you have decided to have a movie night and therefore need your screen to be at its best. Also remember to check if there is a motion smoothing setting, which makes everything a little softer but also a little less defined. If your 4K TV has been set up properly to give you the vision you are looking for, the last check before sitting down with popcorn is to have an input that is actually 4K. Many channels offer superior viewing but many others still do not and this is why the images you see are still not entirely clear.