A new feature is coming to YouTube designed for those who want to change videos immediately. Here’s how it will work.

YouTube continues to record record numbers for connected users and views of videos uploaded by the community. A success that does not seem to want to stop that of the Google platform, which actually wants to fuel everything with innovations and tools that could be very useful in the short and long term.

The new YouTube feature to switch from one channel to another

Among other things, the experts at 9to5google have revealed that a new function is coming, especially designed for those who want to change videos immediately. So as to guarantee maximum convenience in terms of immediate switching of the content. Without the need to go back to the homepage every time and search for what you want to see. Here’s how it will work and when it will be available to everyone in a global version.

YouTube, new function to immediately change videos: here are all the details

Thanks to this new feature arriving on YouTube, it will be possible to take advantage of a handy trick to change videos much faster. A fantastic shortcut that could be right for you if you usually watch videos via the app on your Smart TV. So as to halve the time and not have to go back to the home page every time to find what you need.

Activate this new feature on YouTube TV, it’s very useful

On YouTube TV there will be a brand new pop-up menu that will be activated by simply pressing the “OK” and “Select” buttons for a few seconds. After activating the shortcut, it will be possible to switch from the channel you are watching to the one that was opened previously. A fantastic novelty that will give you the opportunity to save a lot of useful time, which you can transfer to other things.

If everything is confirmed, the shortcut will most likely have some small variations from platform to platform. To date it is already available on Apple TV and Google TV, but not for everyone. The rollout is progressing gradually, and it cannot be ruled out that it will take several weeks before it is completed for the rest of the community.

If bugs and errors are found, the times could be even longer. So that the development team can have everything necessary to proceed with the necessary corrections and provide a fully functional version of the new feature.