TikTok has announced a new update for its app that will make the tablet experience even more immersive, goodbye social life.

The video-based app of all kinds has become the tool with which more and more people around the world spend what we would once have called downtime. While travelling, on public transport, in the bathroom or perhaps during a boring meeting.

TikTok is no longer a smartphone app! – Sjbeez

But since it is an app designed for immediate connection with videos produced by others, the social giant born in China has always been usable in its optimal version from smartphones. The naturally vertical conformation and the layout of the menus were poorly suited to tablets.

But even TikTok as a company has had to realize that its users no longer only use smartphones but also watch and enjoy videos through other screens. One of them is that of tablets and this is why the update announced on the official website in the News section which explains in detail the new experience on larger screens is very interesting.

TikTok is finally also convenient on tablets and foldables

The update shown with a post in the News section first records a change in the demographics of TikTok users. In fact, we read how the company is aware that there are many “who like to access the App on larger screens and on foldable devices”. A necessary awareness to continue expanding the daily number of users which is already more than notable.

The TikTok update satisfies many new users (TikTok photo) Sjbeez

The promise of the update is to provide “a smooth and visually pleasing TikTok experience for users around the world regardless of the device they choose.” The images that are proposed to accompany the ad show a tablet used with the screen vertically and horizontally and the different arrangement of the menus and information that are placed dynamically, at the sides of the video which still remains central. At the top and bottom there are the search and feed profile management menus.

In addition to a new dynamic layout of the menus that follows the expansion of the screens, the app is now also able to show videos in higher quality on larger screens. The announcement is located on the American version of the TikTok site, which means that it may take a while to find the new improved experience on tablets in our country too.

But, like everything related to video-based social media, the changes are distributed to the entire community in stages but always in a widespread manner. And it is worth underlining that the famous Topic Feeds are also the subject of the app’s updating work, precisely to better exploit the navigation and discovery bars that surround the user interface.