Wrong gifts purchased from the Amazon site? Be careful with the refund because you risk losing them: the instructions to follow to avoid mistakes.

Also for this Christmas 2023, many consumers have decided to rely on Amazon for their gifts. As we well know, what you decide to donate is not always good and the possibility of returning the product and requesting a refund may arise.

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With Amazon, returning a wrong gift is very simple following the procedure on the site. However, users must be careful with a certain choice as they could risk losing the gift given. In this scenario, a procedure that is very simple to follow comes into play and requires the right amount of attention, especially in one step. The choice you are called upon to make is fundamental in order to replace the wrong gifts again. Let’s see together which step to pay attention to and how to proceed to complete the return flawlessly.

Beware of Amazon refunds for wrong gifts: the detail you need to know

Getting some gifts wrong is one of the possibilities given that, for one reason or another, the chosen product may not be perfect. The user who purchases on Amazon knows that he can make a refund but does not know that he must pay attention to a certain step: that of choosing where to receive a refund of the amount spent.

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Amazon asks users to specify whether they want to receive a refund to their payment method or e-commerce balance. Here you have to pay attention because if you choose the second option, the money would end up at the bottom of the portal and therefore can only be used on Amazon.

The refund of the amount paid occurs when Amazon receives the product again. However, first the company verifies that the item conforms to the one sent and that the conditions are the initial ones and not altered. Which is why asking for a return after ruining a product leads e-commerce to refuse the request.

Given the period, there may also be problems with the selected items. The advice to keep in mind is to document the product received with photographs. While in the case of expensive purchases, it is useful to make a video while opening the package so as to have fundamental proof for the return request to be successful.