Apple’s new update brings many new features to the iPhone (not only) and a function never seen before. All about iOS 17.2.

A long-awaited update that has been available for all Apple devices for a few weeks. The iOS 17.2 update brings a wave of exciting new features and improvements that elevate and optimize the experience on iPhone and its peers.

Apple, the operating system update brings a lot of new features – Sjbeez

Improved AirPod support: Improved audio quality and new features like custom spatial audio and adaptive EQ for AirPods Pro models connected via both Lightning and USB-C. There are also important updates to the health app (you can record and track your weight), Privacy Settings have been improved.

And here are new types of data that allow for additional health parameters such as sleep stages and irregular heart rhythm. And again: bug fixes and performance improvements, a smoother and more stable iOS experience, without forgetting the ability to verify the identities of contacts in iMessage, for greater security and peace of mind. But the best is yet to come.

iOS 17.2 introduces WI-FI calling: it’s all completely free

Above all, the highly anticipated Wi-Fi calling has arrived, in practice having or not having reception on our iPhone is no longer a crazy variable that risks not being able to make a call. Just connect to any WI-FI, even in the absence of mobile signal you could peacefully talk to whoever we want. Not only between users with the same telephone operator, the important thing is that both devices are compatible.

WI-FI calling, finally available by downloading iOS 17.2 – photo source: – Sjbeez

All completely free, no activation costs. You just need to activate the option. As? By simply updating your smartphone’s operating system, you will receive an SMS from TIM or WindTre regarding the possibility of being able to use the new functionality, without having to carry out any manual configuration.

When an iPhone is in Wi-Fi calling mode, any call will always be placed on Wi-Fi, even in the presence of mobile coverage, the important thing, obviously, is that we have not activated (maybe we forgot to remove it) the ” airplane mode”. To understand if we already have it available on our iPhone, just go to the phone’s Settings.

Apple notes that you may be asked to enter or confirm your address for emergency services. If Wi-Fi Calling is available, the word Wi-Fi appears in the status bar while Control Center is displayed. This means that calls will be made via Wi-Fi. Little else, except a nice tap (always within the settings) on Calls on other devices to activate all the devices you want to use with Wi-Fi Calls.