The solution to one of the annoyances that users who own a Mac most often encounter comes from Windows, problem solved!

Although the PCs produced by Apple are high-performance, technically valid and built like little jewels, unfortunately they are not perfect. And users who deal with these devices every day know this well.

From Microsoft a helping hand to Mac users – Sjbeez

In the historical period we live in in which device manufacturers sometimes seem to be getting closer while other times they seem to continue building the walls of Jerico to protect, some would say to cage, their users, it’s nice when the first situation occurs.

And this time an offer from Microsoft has arrived to help users who own a Mac to solve one of the most annoying problems. In fact, there is something that works better on Windows than on Mac and the solution adopted in the Windows environment will now also be made available to those who own an Apple PC.

Microsoft and Apple closer, Mac users say thank you

For those who produce software there is no way to run the exact same version of their product in both a Windows and a Mac environment. The technology and the way in which the software is written are different. Yet with a little effort, convergent solutions can be found. This is the case of Microsoft which has announced its intention to make the writing and printing experience easier and faster for all users regardless of the PC they are using.

Mac and Windows a little closer with this news – Sjbeez

The announcement comes through the road map regarding Microsoft 365 which states that Universal Print is coming in a Mac version. This is not a 360 degree gift and this must be underlined. Universal Print is in fact one of the services that can be unlocked if you decide to activate the subscription to the Microsoft suite, also because it is a service that works on Azure

On the official Microsoft website the integration is expected in the form of a preview next January but it will still take six months for the rollout which is scheduled for next June. What could be the minimum requirements to use Universal Print? This remains to be seen since this is new and there is no precedent.

For those in a Windows environment, Microsoft makes the service available starting from Windows 10 with version 1903 of Office. It will therefore be necessary to establish what the minimum requirements are for use in an Apple environment. Lately, among other things, it seems that Windows intends to look at the relationship that its users have with printers.

In particular after the little big problem with HP’s Smart App (itself at the center of a controversy after the latest statements to shareholders) which ended up becoming an update installed on all Windows PCs.