Users celebrate, Window updates and solves a known and reported problem: excellent news, the details

There are many different individual aspects that concern the world of technology, which is broad and which on various occasions closely affects users, since it involves new features, elements in development and changes that improve or in any case affect the user experience. When we talk about technology in general, it is impossible not to mention one of the most important companies of all, namely Microsoft, the absolute company and point of reference.

Users rejoice, Windows 11 fixes a problem with the update – Sjbeez

And it is precisely to Microsoft, and even more specifically to the Windows 11 operating system, that the topic in question is linked, since there is good news that will make users happy in relation to a bug, a well-known and reported problem several times, which was fixed with an update. In fact, through the release of the latter, a bug that was particularly annoying and which had been reported on various social platforms is resolved.

Furthermore, the problem was subsequently also confirmed on Microsoft’s official feedback channels. Going into more detail, at the time of the release of Windows 11 22H2, there was the introduction of the tab functionality within File Explorer. The novelty, which dates back to September last year, also brought with it the aforementioned problem. The bug resulted in the application opening in the foreground, and randomly, without any input from users.

Windows 11 update solves an annoying problem: users happy for the fix

Windows 11 therefore calls for attention, in this case regarding an annoying File Explorer bug which caused the application to be randomly opened and the workflow to be suddenly interrupted. The error, in fact, caused File Explorer to appear on the screen but without any user input and during activities in progress. And therefore during games, for example, as well as online browsing.

Windows 11 updates and fixes an annoying bug – Sjbeez

A problem which, however, was corrected by Microsoft after more than a year of reports, by virtue of the optional cumulative update KB5032288, and subsequently with the mandatory one KB5033375. Within the release notes, the company referred to the resolution of the problem related to File Explorer, with the related sudden opening of windows.

For some users it will certainly be a fix that took too long, but it is possible that the company did not consider it a priority, despite other problems that need to be addressed more urgently. What matters, however, is that the problem is now solved and that Windows 11 users will no longer have to fear seeing File Explorer suddenly appear in the middle of their activities, even in full screen.