Apple is about to release the update for iOS 17.3: let’s find out when it will be released and what’s new.

At the beginning of December Apple released version 17.2 of iOS. A useful update to introduce new functions and correct some system errors. However, the Cupertino company’s work team is already focused on the new version 17.3 which is already in the advanced beta phase.

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Every Apple update is always awaited by users because it will give them a new experience. In this case the upgrade will be strongly characterized by a new feature called “Stolen Device Protection”, conceived and designed to protect iPhone users in the event of theft of the phone and their passcode. The news with iOS 17.3 does not end with the functionality just described but continues with other very interesting options. Let’s find out more about this version and when it might be released.

Apple ready for the launch of iOS 17.3: upcoming features and release date

In recent years, Apple has always worked towards improving privacy for users. With the iOS 17.3 version, another level of security will be added in case your device is stolen and has the passcode active. This addition follows what emerged from the report published in the Wall Street Journal which highlighted the tendency of thieves to discover the access code of users’ devices.

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"Stolen Device Protection" attempts to combat these criminals by implementing new restrictions. Apple highlighted that access to saved passwords passes through the use of Face ID and changing personal settings is protected by a security delay. Alongside this function there will be the many awaited collaborative playlists in Apple Music, which should have already arrived with version 17.2. Playlists allow users to add people to create shared lists.

At the moment these are the two important new features that will arrive with version 17.3. Now the question arises spontaneously and concerns the release date. Seeing previous versions such as iOS 15.3 and 16.3 everything suggests that the update will arrive in the second half of January. This way Apple can release further betas and takes into account the slowdown due to the Christmas period, where many engineers will not be at work. In short, after Christmas we will travel quickly towards the iOS 17.3 version which will make the user experience even safer.