Mark Zuckerberg changes the look of WhatsApp: a full-blown restyling: a new interface is ready, the change is significant.

A lot has changed in 2023 WhatsApp. It changed the world of editing with widely used features. See the introduction of the polls, quick and concise to highlight a trend, but also make an appointment for a call, or why not a fantasy football session. An outing with friends you haven’t seen in a while.

Restyling WhatsApp – Sjbeez

Read the possibility of modifying a message sent, within a quarter of an hour of its release: a period of time to correct a few too many typos, using commas, an increasingly rare commodity, or simply to make oneself understood, not at all obvious when writing at a distance.

And again: the introduction of channels, the expansion of ephemeral messages to voice messages, the turning point of fixing a message, both in one-to-one and group chats, significantly reducing the search option, which is still widely used but no longer in hype. Now Meta has decided to change the interface, so as not to get us used to it.

WhatsApp interface: display of content from the associated channel, dedicated layout. And so on

In recent days, WhatsApp has introduced a new interface for sharing channel updates on Status, designed to improve interaction with these updates, as the always well-informed people at wabetainfo point out. It fits temporally right after the new reply bar for status updates, designed to improve engagement for status replies.

New WhatsApp interface towards distribution to a greater number of users – Sjbeez

WhatsApp, therefore, continues to focus on releasing new features to improve the overall user experience. A new interface created with a very specific focus: sharing channel updates on Status. From the screens shown, Meta is focusing on improving the experience of viewing a channel update.

A dedicated layout has been created here, with the aim of providing clarity that the content published on Status comes from a channel. Not only. WhatsApp, in fact, recently introduced another entry point within the status subtitle, in order to provide users with access and viewing of the content from the associated channel.

It is a clear sign of WhatsApp’s commitment to becoming more and more intuitive, with the development team wanting to make interaction between users and access to updates from shared channels even easier. The design is very similar to the layout of Instagram, especially the sharing of Stories, aimed at offering a modern and user-friendly experience. A new interface for sharing channel updates on Status is currently available to a small number of beta testers, but will soon be available to everyone.