WhatsApp is preparing to transform itself into a hybrid between Facebook and Instagram: discover the revolution on the horizon now

In recent times, WhatsApp is preparing the ground for an epochal change. Recent announcements and previews indicate that the messaging app could soon undergo a radical transformation, taking cues from key features of platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Evolution in sight: WhatsApp is approaching a merger between Facebook and Instagram, an imminent revolution (www.Sjbeez)

This step brings WhatsApp ever closer to the idea of ​​becoming an integrated entity, paving the way for a real revolution in the field of messaging apps. Let’s find out the latest news and what it could mean for the future of WhatsApp and its millions of users around the world.

WhatsApp is currently working on an innovative feature that will revolutionize the user experience: the ability to personalize their profiles via a username. This new feature aims to improve not only privacy, but also the convenience of using the application, allowing users to connect and communicate without having to disclose their phone number.

WhatsApp is working on a feature to create a username from the web client

The preview of the WhatsApp beta update for Android revealed this interesting feature that will allow users to create a unique identifier for their profile. This username will make it easier to find and connect with other contacts within the platform, making it easier to interact and share information.

WhatsApp is developing a function that will allow you to create a username directly from the web version of the app (www.Sjbeez)

The most recent news concerns the expansion of this function also to the web version of WhatsApp. It is currently under development and you can already see previews of the option to create your username directly from your browser. Once the desired username is selected, users will be able to connect and communicate without necessarily having to share their phone number.

In conclusion, we can certainly say that the introduction of the username feature represents a major step forward for WhatsApp in improving the privacy and convenience of its users. This feature will allow you to connect without having to divulge your phone number. This will facilitate interactions between users, protecting their privacy.

With the latest updates, WhatsApp is committed to offering its users an even safer experience on its platform. This initiative represents a significant step towards a more secure and flexible experience within the "WhatsApp" communication pillar.