The latest app update makes WhatsApp increasingly easier to use, increasing the productivity of those who use it for work.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps and is appreciated above all for its ease of use. It is also a very versatile app, available on almost all devices, including PCs and Macs. Thanks to these characteristics, its use has spread far beyond the personal sphere and is now also used in work contexts. Now, for Mac users, there are some important new features that could significantly change the way they interact with this popular app.

WhatsApp has released an update for its native app on Mac – Sjbeez

For years, Mac users have been waiting for an optimized WhatsApp experience for their devices. Finally, 2023 marks a turning point with the introduction of a new version of WhatsApp specifically designed for macOS. This version, completely rebuilt from the ground up, promises to offer a smooth and integrated user experience, optimized for Mac hardware and software.

WhatsApp is getting easier and easier to use on Mac

WhatsApp is now focusing its efforts on improving the desktop app by listening to user feedback and continuing to update the app regularly to fix bugs and optimize performance. The 23.25.80 update for Mac arrived on the App Store last week.

Great news for anyone who uses WhatsApp on Mac – Sjbeez

The WhatsApp for Mac app will now feature new keyboard shortcuts that will improve navigation between conversations, ensuring a seamless transition for users accustomed to previous versions of the app. In addition to this, WhatsApp has also introduced a revamped menu bar that improves the overall aesthetic and functionality of the app, with a more intuitive layout that makes it easier for users to locate and use the various options.

These features are not yet available to all users, but as often happens they will soon become available to everyone. The update is part of a general framework of major renewal of the app, which in 2023 saw the introduction of many new features: channels have arrived, voice messages disappear and, for a short time, you could even send messages video.

With the innovations introduced for Macs, the company seems to want to pursue the possibility of making its app increasingly useful also for professional activities. New features available during video calls were also recently introduced, such as a greater number of participants and the ability to share the screen just like in professional software such as Teams or Webex.