Have you connected your headphones to your PC but it doesn’t work? Here’s what you need to do to fix the problem right away, it takes a minute.

In certain cases, having a good pair of headphones that you can connect to your PC becomes essential. Maybe if you are away from home and need to listen to the audio of a video, or if there is an urgent call to deal with in the office and it would be better not to let all your colleagues hear it. Or even just to listen to music in your bedroom.

Here’s what to do if your headphones don’t work with your computer

In certain cases, however, it may happen that the computer does not recognize the peripheral as soon as it is connected via USB or wireless cable and therefore problems begin to emerge. Which in the worst case scenario could refer to the device’s sound card. But to avoid errors of this type, here is a quick and easy guide on what to do when your headphones don’t work with your PC. So you solve everything in a minute, it’s crazy.

Headphones don’t work with your PC: here’s how to fix it immediately

It may happen that, once connected to the PC, the headphones do not work and are not even recognized by the operating system. This is a rather common problem, but fortunately it has its own solution that can be applied as often as necessary. And it doesn’t even have to take too long, in about a minute everything is resolved and you can finally enjoy quality sound with the connected device.

If the headphones don’t work with the PC, do this and solve the problem

First, do some preliminary checks. Such as making sure the headphone volume is not muted by the speaker bar. If there is a cross next to it, click on it and then move the slider to unmute. If this is not the problem, go to Settings, System, Sound, Other audio settings and then playback. Here you will be able to choose what the default audio output device is. Which in this case must be your pair of headphones.

And if even then the problem persists, then you will need to run the audio problem solver on Windows. To activate it, go to Settings and then System. At this point, scroll until you find the Troubleshooter item, continue with Other problem solvers and finally select Audio. So the system software will scan and fix the bug right away. Which could be related to missing drivers or incorrectly configured specifications.