The performance is top of the range, the price is not: finally the PC everyone dreamed of, at 300 euros. Card and features.

One and three. Economic availability, usefulness, promo: these are the three bases for finding the right situation when choosing a PC, after the smartphone the most used device in the world, which we need to work, study and play. And the more you have, the more you add.

Breakthrough in PC: top-of-the-line features, at a minimal price –

It is logical that when purchasing a device, in general, needs must be taken into account with economic availability, especially in this slightly tech-savvy era where the lowest common denominator is given by the plurality of devices themselves. Not only. Now it no longer makes sense to buy a device that has everything, if that everything is not exploited, it is just a useless outlay: it is better to concentrate on what we actually need: we will have our everything, certainly at a lower price. For everything else there are promos, or in this case a PC that costs 300 euros, yet has performance comparable to a top of the range.

Infinix InBook Y2 Plus, the design concept reversed: up to 8 hours of operation without charging

Infinix Mobile surprised this time. The Hong Kong company, with research and development centers in France and Korea, available in Asia and around 30 countries in the Middle East and Africa, known mainly in the smartphone market segment (first manufacturer in Pakistan) is managed to hit the PC world.

Infinix InBook Y2 Plus, the best in terms of quality/price ratio – photo source: – Sjbeez

With Infinix InBook Y2 Plus, defined as the new laptop, futuristic and advanced. From new age, innovative tending towards revolutionary. In India it is becoming popular above all for its quality-price ratio: it has managed to combine top-of-the-range features at a price that is practically in the medium-low range. First of all, the concept that affordable laptops lose so much in design has been overturned. The Infinix InBook Y2 Plus is an elegant PC and eye-catching colors: lots of blue, silver and gray shades if you prefer.

It sports the most premium design in the market segment, to which must be added some very interesting features. An elegant 17.95 mm profile and a weight of 1.80 kg: ad hoc measurements, for example, for students and professionals. Thanks to compact and lightweight Type-C charging, you can power both your laptop and smartphone: up to 8 hours of operation without charging. A very fast PC thanks to its Intel Core processor up to i7, which uses 10nm process technology. 4 cores, 8 threads and Intel Speed ​​​​​​Shift technology.

Samsung SSD up to 1 TB, with PCIe3.0 interface protocol for faster reading and writing speeds. A three-phase cooled PC, featuring AI noise suppression, with Dual DTS speakers. Premium AG glass touchpad, backlit keyboard, 1.5mm key depth and a response time of 5ms. Ships with Windows 11. This is a 300 euro PC!