The best tablet for value for money? A newly released product has snatched the crown from all contenders and you should try it.

Having a good tablet in your hands based on your budget without necessarily having to give up many functions and features is one of the new needs for which we need to find a solution in contemporary life. Larger than smartphones and therefore many times more convenient for replacing a PC, tablets, just like smartphones, are born with different shapes and shapes.

A tablet for everyday life, here is the ideal model (photo Teclast) Sjbeez

Obviously if you have the budget that allows you to purchase high-end and very high-end products there are no limits to what you can buy. However, the situation is very different if you have a limited budget but still need a machine that can work and be reliable.

For tablets, the features that need to be looked at more carefully are the same as for smartphones: the processor, the screen technology and the internal memory or the possibility of expanding it. And looking precisely at these characteristics for the medium-low range, a new product capable of rivaling everyone else has just been announced and put on the market.

A super cheap but super performing tablet

Especially with the pandemic, many have found themselves having to buy something in a hurry to allow their children to continue studying and doing their homework. Many have opted for portable PCs but there are also those who have decided to switch to a tablet instead, perhaps combining it with a good Bluetooth keyboard with mouse. Not having the worry of necessarily having to buy something now, you can allow yourself the luxury of looking at what’s new coming from the various manufacturers.

A tablet that costs little but is reliable? The answer is this newly announced model (photo Teclast) –

Bearing in mind that even if Apple with its iPads might be the best there is on the market, there are many other devices that might surprise you. And in this case we are not even talking about Samsung, other products that over the years have given Apple a lot of trouble especially in the high end. What we would like to point out to you is a product that you may have trashed in your last visit to Amazon: it is the new Teclast P30T.

A newly announced tablet which, even if it won’t be the fastest device on the market, is certainly one of the most complete in the 100 euro price range. One of the most interesting features is the fact that it comes with Android 14 already pre-installed. Inside is an AllWinner octa core processor with a speed of 1.8 GHz, which is comfortable for everyday tasks. For the internal memory compartment we find 4 GB of RAM with a further 4 GB of virtual RAM and 128 GB of space.

The battery is 6000 mAh and among the possible connections there is that through Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0. If you are looking for a tablet with a good camera, this is not it: the rear one is only 8 megapixels while the front one is 5 megapixels. But for such a low price you can hardly find a different camera.