12 years after its release, the remake of a video game that was much loved by the community was announced.

We are about to end a year decidedly full of releases, but at the same time poor in new IPs. If it is true that there was a lot to play in 2023, it is also true that among the most valuable video games there were exclusively sequels or remakes of games already loved in the past.

The remake of a 2011 game that still has a very lively community today is about to be released – Sjbeez

Precisely the much vaunted 2023 is the demonstration of how nowadays an interesting concept is not enough, even a first release must border on perfection in order not to be branded as a flop and relegated to oblivion. This is obviously if we are not talking about indies, low budget games in which the community forgives naivety and defects.

The market trends are therefore now crystallized: large triple-A productions that take up concepts and gaming models already seen and tested (even in new IPs) or courageous but low-budget games with the hope that they will take root and create a solid fan base on which to develop the future.

The remake of a game that drove everyone crazy in 2011 has been announced

In a similar state of confusion and reshuffling of what has already been seen, even the announcement of a remake of a game from 12 years ago can represent in a certain sense a “novelty”. Yes, because in the past there have been games capable of innovating and varying the formula, titles that deviated from the masses to bring out their own identity.

Fallen Earth, the 2011 MMO is about to return in a pumped-up version thanks to the remake in Unreal Engine – Steam – Sjbeez

This is certainly the case with Fallen Earth. Massive Multiplayer Online originally released on PC in 2011, this online role-playing game set in a dystopian universe and in a post-apocalyptic context anticipated many productions that came out later and was what The Day Before promised to be and obviously (given how is over) will never be.

The developers supported him until 2019, but the community kept him alive even after the end of support, bringing him “back to life” (something similar to what is happening in 2023 with the first Stalker) in 2021 and demonstrating to those in charge that a sequel or remake would have been welcome.

Well, about six months ago a remake developed in Unreal Engine was announced. Since then there has been a long silence, broken last week by the CEO of Little Orbit (the developer), Adam Smith. This explained that the reconstruction work on the game is progressing well and that the original code has been almost completely rewritten.

The development team is working on testing the multiplayer component, the stability of the server and the game under stress, smoothing out the critical issues that emerge from time to time. Although the work seems to be well underway, at the moment there are no official release dates, nor details on any additions and innovations compared to the original.