What will be the Apple product we will talk about the most? It’s a safe bet that it won’t be either the new iPhone or the new iPad.

In the future of what concerns Apple products there will be one product in particular that will not come too surprisingly and will be the trump card of the next 12 months. But according to some analysts, this long-awaited device will neither be the next chapter in the iPhone saga nor the next iPad.

iPhone and iPad in the attic, this will be the king Apple product of 2024 – Sjbeez

Because tomorrow has already arrived and for Apple, as for other companies, it is a future that goes beyond devices and screens. And after all, the trend even outside Apple is precisely to remove screens from hands to put users in a position to work immersed in the reality created for them: 2024 will be the big year in which Apple’s mixed reality viewer will debut . But what kind of product can we expect? And above all, when will it actually arrive on shelves and in stores?

The 2024 Apple product that everyone is waiting for

What is known in terms of official timing regarding Apple’s new Vision Pro is that Apple’s mixed reality headset should begin distribution no earlier than February 2024. And for this reason the production lines are already running at full capacity since a lot’. Also because in the world of technology any small, large delay is a gift given to the competition.

Apple ready to launch Vision Pro: all-in on augmented reality in 2024

Its Vision Pro, whose price should exceed 2500 euros, will therefore have to have the opportunity and time to tickle users who will then have to be convinced to shell out this amount. But according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities someone could receive their headset even before February. Because if production were to maintain the same pace recorded so far, the first shipment of the expected 500 thousand pieces will arrive in stores by the second half of January.

Obviously, however, the arrival of the new device on the market will only be the first step compared to what will have to happen at a later time, i.e. the actual sale. But also for this reason Apple has implemented its own strategy. A strategy that apparently involves creating a vacuum around the object.

In fact, the purchase can only take place through an appointment system and will only be distributed in the United States for the first period. However, it is clear that the Apple company cannot afford to wait and keep users on edge for too long, because all its competitors are looming on the horizon with less expensive products to tempt the same range of users and future consumers.