Google launches the revolution, the rules of mobile technology are about to change. The new protagonist is born.

Google, the most used search engine in the world, has been launching itself on multiple markets for some time. Having almost all the necessary information, in real time and updated every second is the best solution for any device or product.

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Google recently launched a series of smartphones, the Google Pixel. Cutting-edge mobile phones with truly extraordinary components and structure. Thanks to its countless pages dedicated to technology and its incredible team of developers they have managed to design the latest, most advanced generation of smartphones.

Technological boom, the Google device that changes the cards on the table

Starting from scratch, the Mountain View company has established itself as a worthy competitor also in the latest generation smartphone market. The focus on which Google focused for its devices was the software, announcing that it will receive updates for 7 years. Nowadays people appreciate software much more than form, which is why the web giant wants to keep its top-of-the-range smartphone immortal.

The smartphone in question is the Google Pixel 8 Pro. Built with excellent material, its structure is made of aluminum and there is an opaque glass on the back. A peculiarity that immediately catches the eye is the horizontal bar where the cameras are placed. This device has 50MP main camera, 12MP ultra-wide angle, and 48MP telephoto camera with up to 5X optical zoom and up to 30X digital zoom. With these components the device allows for high resolution and fluid use for taking photos or videos.

Google Pixel 8 Pro – Sjbeez

Its display achieved the highest score among its competitors, with a 6.7-inch Oled Ltpo screen, refresh up to 120Hz and brightness up to 2200 nits. It also has IP68 certification which attests to protection from water and dust. Google has chosen Android for its smartphones, also making improvements by specializing in the use of artificial intelligence which interferes with numerous processes, increasing the overall performance of the smartphone. This mobile phone uses the latest generation Tensor G3 processor, developed by 4 nanometers, with 12 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space. Software optimization also gives Google Pixel 8 Pro an edge, achieving successful results without having to rely on hardware.

Users already use special functions that use artificial intelligence, such as Magic Editor, a command that allows you to move or delete unwanted elements in photos. Or the Best Shot command, which allows you to change the expression of the faces in a photo, taking advantage of data from other shots taken of the same subject. In conclusion this is a phone that ranks among the top for overall performance, if not at the top for the time Google is dedicating to perfecting the software. It hasn’t become popular yet but it is a revolution for mobile technology.

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