Artificial intelligence: the unexpected stop arrives for the new frontier of technology, here’s the reason why AI stops

We never imagined we would get to this point with technology. If someone, about ten years ago, had told us that we could talk to a PC or a telephone as if it were a person, perhaps we would have taken him for a crazy visionary. Yet technology is always moving forward, and helps us more and more in the things of everyday life.

AI stops: here’s why – Sjbeez

We have now become accustomed to turning to the virtual assistant of our phones and all our devices as if they were old friends who can help you solve everything. Alexa today can help you keep in mind everything you need for shopping, but not only that. She can also act as your alarm clock, select your favorite music and even tell you what the weather will be like. If you have doubts about how to dress, you can ask her if it will be cold or hot and not find yourself unprepared.

We are now so used to this type of interaction that we stop asking ourselves too often what caused it. The credit for this technological advancement can be attributed to the studies carried out on artificial intelligence. A method that helped us teach our computers the human reasoning method.

Artificial intelligence: everything stops, here’s why

By trial and error, we train computers made of algorithms to find solutions to the problems we pose to them. Programming and technology scholars have been training AI to make them increasingly intelligent for years.

AI may already have shut down

Today artificial intelligences can do almost anything: write the texts we ask of them, translate them. They can even create images based on instructions they receive. In recent times, however, this field has been having incredible problems, which one would not have expected to have. To learn everything they know, artificial intelligences proceed, as we have said, by trial and error.

To train, these highly intelligent computers need a huge amount of data. Unfortunately, however, the process seems to have stopped at least momentarily. The reason for this stop is not easy to resolve. Said in simple words that even non-experts can understand: there is no more data. We no longer have information to train our AI.

There would be various solutions, but it has not yet been decided which ones to adopt. For example, agreements could be made with companies to use the data without violating copyright. For now, everything is at a standstill though, with many giants actually suing AI giants for copyright infringement.