An old Nvidia GPU that can still give a lot with a brilliant mod becomes an AMD product that pumps out frames like a gem.

For those who have long sided with Nvidia, the experiment that was successfully completed on an old GPU may sound like heresy but it is instead something that is interesting to talk about, because it shows us how the obsolescence of hardware components in some cases it can be counteracted by working on the software.

Nvidia GPU is reborn with AMD technology, the modder’s miracle – Sjbeez

And at the same time it also demonstrates how that same obsolescence that leads to always trying to have the newest product capable of working with an ever-increasing amount of data could be entirely a collective illusion. With a few small changes and the use of a technology that recently became open source, a YouTuber managed to take an old RTX Series 30 from the past.

The modder community working on old Nvidia GPUs (thanks to AMD)

While Intel decides to enter the same field in which Nvidia and AMD already find themselves, showing the world the new information extrapolation technology to increase image fidelity and framerate, there are those who use precisely what is already available of users have transformed an old Nvidia GPU by taking advantage of what AMD offers instead. The result was shown on YouTube using one of the most punishing games of the moment in terms of graphics, Cyberpunk 2077, Neegzm with the tool provided by LukeFZ.

Cyberpunk 2077 also runs well with this mod – (photo youtube/Neegzm) Sjbeez

The modder through a series of changes made by eliminating the old version of Nvidia’s DLSS and replacing the technology with AMD’s FSR3 brought the framerate from 40 frames per second up to over 70 frames per second. As shown on YouTube, the result is surprising but not perfect and there are in fact several problems in the management of the game user interface elements as well as extensive instability.

Yet, net of these problems which can probably be solved with a bit more modding work, it is a very promising prospect for all those who are not financially able to keep up with the news, both as regards the producers of hardware components and for video game developers who try to outdo themselves with each new project.

LukeFZ’s mod is available for now only to those who have signed up to his Patreon but if you want to try something similar you can play with the tool that WCCFTech tracked down on GitHub and which works on Nvidia GPUs. Another example of how with a little patience and the right amount of willpower, even the self-imposed limits of those who produce the internal components can be overcome. Keep in mind that if you want to try modding you need to know what you’re doing or have a full backup.