New potentially harmful effects discovered due to smartphone use. Here’s what research says

All of us are constantly connected with our smartphone every day. Some of us just can’t do without it, so much so that it has become an indispensable and indispensable object for any daily activity. Those who spend many hours with their smartphone in their hands for leisure or work. Many even use it as soon as they wake up as a real alarm clock, as soon as they open their eyes. This is just one of the many bad habits we have with our smartphones.

Smartphone: other harmful effects on health discovered – Sjbeez

In fact, others, in addition to massive use during the day, also place it under the pillow when they go to sleep, or immediately nearby, such as on a bedside table. These are habits that should be lost. But as if that wasn’t enough, some studies and research have identified new and additional harmful effects that the use of smartphones would have on health. Here’s everything you need to know.

The harmful effects of smartphones on health

Using your smartphone too much is not good for your health. Both from a mental aspect, that you are always there waiting for notifications, and from a biological aspect. In fact, a real pathology has developed, a need to have notifications and control them, without which we cannot go through the day. This is why it often happens that you hear your cell phone vibrate, or see the notification LED light when in reality there is no such notification.

New harmful effects of smartphones on our health discovered – Sjbeez

But the harmful aspects that would have been identified focus their study on the blue light from screens and the consequences it can bring us. It cannot be denied that, after prolonged use, the eyes can hurt and this consequence leads to a widespread sleep disorder. Although filters against blue lights can be used, this aspect is very widespread.

The study also focuses on the possible premature progression of aging, given by blue light. In fact, it has been shown that on living organisms, it can significantly influence well-being. In fact, it has been found that its effects on methyladenosine, a molecule present in RNA, can suffer consequences, impacting biological processes.

The modification of this molecule, due to the action of blue light, could lead to a faster aging process. Our brain also risks suffering consequences, being continually stressed by a real bombardment of lights and colors. In short, the use of smartphones should certainly be moderated, as the beneficial aspects of correct use are evident, starting from sleep, up to vision, and passing through to this point, possible premature aging.