Android smartphones will come with a feature that will allow users to always check their battery – that’s what it’s all about.

In recent years, Android users have not seemed very satisfied with the longevity and battery life of their smartphones. This element has always been the subject of strong discussions but apparently everything could soon change thanks to the arrival of a new function.

The battery of Android smartphones will no longer be a problem – ()

Regular use of a smartphone progressively affects the battery present and its capacity. A very serious problem especially because users don’t really know how to manage the aging process. For them, Android comes to the rescue as it seems about to implement a function capable of providing indications on the need to change the battery.

A function that would make many Android users happy given that today it is impossible to know exactly the remaining capacity of the battery. Let’s dive into the details and discover a solution that would allow users to reset their device in no time.

New function for the battery on Android smartphones: it will tell us if it needs to be changed

The arrival of Android 14 brought with it some useful data such as the battery production date and cycle count. Detailed battery information such as the current state of charging capacity seems to be expected soon, precisely with the arrival of Android 15.

New function will show if the battery needs to be replaced – ()

To date, Android collects a large amount of battery data from the first use of the smartphone, allowing users to have more precise estimates of battery health than third-party applications. However, detailed battery information is not yet displayed in your phone settings at the moment. For this reason it is expected that with Android 15 there will be a section dedicated to providing a detailed overview of the battery status.

The new features will allow users to know the remaining battery capacity as a percentage of the nominal capacity. Additionally, other information such as battery serial number and status is being developed. An important aspect of this breakthrough is Android’s potential support for reading information.

Provided that the battery provides this information to the operating system and the manufacturers introduce the new version of the battery software component. The new functionality is very clear while the discussion on how the data will be integrated into the Android ecosystem is different. In fact, it will be necessary to understand what the implications will be for users who want to maintain and repair the devices themselves.