If you want to clean your smartphone camera without damaging it, here are all the steps to follow: it will be like new again.

Smartphone maintenance plays a fundamental role in ensuring their durability over time. And this is where cleaning comes into play, essential in all its components and to be applied promptly and after a certain period of time. So that every single specification works as planned and allows you to always enjoy perfect use.

Here’s how to clean your smartphone camera without damaging it

In particular, you need to take the screen into account. With a protective film to replace when damaged and a cleaning of the display underneath every time you need to replace it. But not only that, because the camera is also one of the elements that most often attracts dirt and other harmful elements. If you are afraid of damaging it, here are all the steps to follow to never risk anything.

Smartphone camera: here’s how to clean it without damaging it

If you want to clean your smartphone’s camera but are afraid of damaging it, then this guide will come in very handy. There are a series of fundamental steps that you must always follow to ensure that there are never any problems or errors. At the same time, your photos will have a quality never seen before and you can say goodbye to those horrible unsightly stains.

The guide on how to clean your smartphone camera without damaging it

First of all, we recommend that you equip yourself with a kit of brushes with fine tips which are essential for removing dust. There are different ones on the market, at modest costs and which have all the useful tools for the process. Alternatively, there are also brushes with a small air chamber to be able to blow on the spot you need to clean, often used in the field of photography.

Moving on to stains, you will need a microfibre cloth. Without using wet wipes, which have harmful softeners and grease the protective glass. Also suitable are detergents for lenses and glasses, which have useful components for removing every single piece of dirt without damaging the sensors themselves.

Finally there is a trick to remove condensation. The simplest and most effective trick involves using silica gel or raw rice, which attract moisture and remove it from the smartphone. Before proceeding, turn off your smartphone to avoid damage. At the same time, never use the phone or a radiator to vent heat and remove condensation. These are life-threatening errors for your phone’s camera.