Boston Dynamics has made converts, Robocop is getting closer: the Carabinieri shows a new robot, assigned to the Rome Unit.

In the beginning it was Boston Dynamics, an engineering and robotics company that disrupted the market with Big Dog designed for the US army, taking advantage of DARPA funding. The American company has set a precedent, thanks also to DI-Guy, a very realistic software for human simulation.

We are ever closer to RoboCop: the Carabinieri presents the first robot – screenshoot via Youtube

Spot, this is the name of the robot dog, soon became a term of comparison for placing robots on the market capable of helping the human race with the heaviest jobs, even if some still fear that the development of robotics could take away jobs work, replacing human labour.

Spot, whose cost is around 75 thousand dollars, thanks to its super precise sensors, is able to carry out jobs that are dangerous for humans, and among its peculiarities it even has remote control. Equipped with IP54 protection although it cannot support high intensity splashes or immersions. Well, now Italy also has its own spot.

Hello, my name is Saetta: the Carabinieri has its little Robocop

"Innovating also means raising safety standards for soldiers employed in the most risky contexts: the Carabinieri welcomes the robot dog "Saetta". The future becomes the present! This is how the quadruped robot initially assigned to the Rome Bomb Squad unit was welcomed. A name, that of Saetta, which takes inspiration from the symbol present on the sides of the emergency vehicles of the Carabinieri.

Lightning, the Carabinieri has its own commercial – photo source: Twitter Carabinieri – Sjbeez

Saetta can be controlled remotely from a tablet (up to 150 meters), it also moves on rough terrain that cannot be traveled by normal wheeled or tracked vehicles. It is able to carry out risky reconnaissance and anti-sabotage activities, thanks primarily to its strong mobility capabilities: it can go up and down flights of stairs in an instant, open doors independently and also remove obstacles, overcoming them easily.

Not only that: it has the ability to map places through its laser and thermal detection systems, to defuse traces of explosives or chemical and radiological agents. The robotic arm will take care of removing ordnance. It will be, they assure from the Carabinieri, capable of supplying equipment to soldiers unable to move.

The Carabinieri’s move must be seen in the context of the end of 2025, when Rome and Italy will be invaded by pilgrims for the Jubilee, even if Saetta, by the Carabinieri’s own admission, was not created to replace the agents or units dog friendly but with the aim of reducing the danger and facilitating the management of the most hostile operational situations. From Spot to Saetta, after all, it’s a short step.