Backing up your data is important and if you want reliable software this list is your reference point of the best.

The year that is about to end is not only a time in which to take stock of the previous 12 months but it is also a time in which many exchange gifts and these gifts are sometimes technological.

Keep everything safe with a disk backup, you can even do it for free – Sjbeez

But when a new smartphone or computer arrives, you need to transfer the data from the previous device and make sure that everything is properly protected. You can make the transfer of your data, photos, passwords and everything you are interested in easier by taking advantage of the backup functions present in your devices.

You can rely on specialized software that also helps keep files safe from attacks and prying eyes. Or to make a backup of what’s on your PC you can manually make a copy or subscribe to some services. Let’s see the differences.

Backup software, free and paid

A system that always works for backing up data and files and that of equipping yourself with external hard drives in which to create a gradually updated copy of what you own. With external hard drives you always have at hand everything you have produced over time but you must keep in mind that even the hard drives could abandon you and it is therefore necessary to create at least two copies of everything to have a backup of the backup.

Manual or automatic backup? Differences and strengths – Sjbeez

Another way to have a complete but free backup is to use services that provide online space on which to upload what you want. All you need is a Gmail account to have 15 GB of space on Google Drive to keep important documents and photos safe. Other services that are free but still limited especially in the space available are those offered for example by Microsoft’s OneDrive and Dropbox.

But as we mentioned before, none of these systems creates a backup copy of your data or disks automatically and you must therefore still set a reminder on your smartphone or a reminder on your PC to back up your data so as not to lose it. If the idea of ​​managing multiple external hard drives scares you or you already know that you won’t be able to remember to make a copy of the disk at least once a month, you can rely on another type of service.

In fact, there are companies online that provide software and space to create automatic backups for subscribers. These are software that often have a very limited free version and then subscription versions with more features. Among the best are Acronis, which puts a lot of emphasis on security, and EasyUS To Do Backup, also available in a free version to familiarize yourself with.