A new and dangerous online scam involves Poste Italiane customers: pay attention to these details, they can save your account.

At the end of 2023, a very dangerous scam was reported that tends to affect Poste Italiane customers. An online fraud that occurs in just a few moments and sees the victim lose a lot of money from their Bancoposta account.

The end-of-year scam involves Poste Italiane – Facebook background photo: Poste Italiane – ()

Online scams are a very serious danger for all users, especially for those who fall into the most defenseless segment of the population such as the youngest and the elderly. Hackers tend to attack the latter through their techniques because they know well how difficult it is for them to recognize and defend themselves from digital fraud.

In recent weeks, a scam involving the phishing method has become increasingly widespread. A practice that is carried out through the dissemination of a false communication by a well-known body, in this case Poste Italiane. Of course, the organization is also a victim of the process and does not send any message. Let’s find out how to recognize the scam and how to defend yourself so as not to see your Bancoposta account emptied.

The online scam involves the Italian Post Office: how to recognize the hacker attempt

Hackers in recent weeks have created a scam that seeks to alarm the potential victim. The message constructed by cybercriminals can lead the victim to immediately click on the link in order to solve the problem. Proceeding in this way would provide access to hackers who would then have a free path to the Poste Italiane account.

How to recognize the scam in the name of Poste Italiane – ()

The scam against Poste Italiane and its customers comes to life through a simple SMS highlighting a new device connected to the account in the Tirana Albania area. After this communication there follows a link where it would be possible to deactivate the newly connected device. Clicking on the link takes you to a page that only appears to be Poste Italiane as it is a fake area managed entirely by scammers.

On the page there will be a form in which to enter your data which will not be used to deactivate the alleged device but to give the scammers access to the account. To avoid losing all your savings you must contact Poste Italiane assistance to ask for confirmation of what you have read. Generally, the organization does not operate in these ways but it is always appropriate to ask for confirmation without in any way continuing through the link in the communication.