A screen where you can have a PC, a tablet and a TV. It exists and it could be what you were looking for for your next family holiday.

When it comes to travelling, especially if you own several technological devices, there is the problem of bringing everything you need. And the solutions certainly become imaginative.

PC? Tablet? Smartphones? All together in this revolutionary screen .- Sjbeez

One idea could be to minimize the digital objects to bring on holiday, perhaps choosing between laptop and tablet if you have little space. But if you already know that there will be times when conviviality gives way to a bit of boredom, perhaps having an extra screen could be more useful.

And it is precisely to provide an all-round screen that a project was born that is now on Kickstarter and which can provide you with everything you need in the space of a briefcase slightly larger than a laptop bag. The project is enjoying great success and a lot of interest online and if you participate in the crowdfunding you could have it in time for the Easter holidays.

The screen that brings together PC, tablet and TV and which is huge!

Creativity never sleeps and a place where it is possible to see creativity in action is Kickstarter, where more or less large, more or less revolutionary ideas are offered to those who want to contribute. Among the most interesting technological projects of the moment is the enormous screen that fits inside a briefcase imagined by Apolosign.

The huge screen that works like a PC if you want (photo Apolosign) – Sjbeez

It is a sort of portable computer which can however be used as a simple TV or as a tablet. The heart is given by Android which means that the Apolosign product is easy to use and, thanks to wireless mirroring, capable of interfacing with many other devices, becoming for example a second screen compared to the smartphone. The idea is to create a portable entertainment station that can entertain the family even on the go.

The promised battery life is 6 hours, more than enough to get through a rainy afternoon. The measures are perhaps not very portable in case of travel on vehicles other than a car, and after all we are talking about a 27-inch smart screen that must carry with it everything necessary to be used.

But for family trips by car or days spent outdoors it can be ideal for a little entertainment while preparing lunch. Since it is a fully-fledged PC equipped with an Android operating system, it is possible to add all the apps you want to increase the fun and functionality.

The screen is equipped with a series of sockets including an HDMI input, a traditional USB input, a DP input which can be used with Nintendo Switch and then a USB C input. In addition to the visible connections there is also the possibility of using Bluetooth to pair speakers and other accessories. The huge screen imagined by Apolosign also comes complete with remote control.