Do you want to play better? The solution is to overclock your video card and even if you are not an expert there is a trick you can use right away.

For everyday activities it is perhaps not necessary to work on the performance of the video card or CPU but above all when it is time to play a little higher framerate makes the experience more pleasant and dynamic.

Overclock your video card? You can do this with a hidden menu – Sjbeez

For those familiar with modding, changing the settings is quite easy but not everyone is an expert and this in theory can condemn you to playing with a lower framerate. But there is a key combination that allows you to make the machine perform better even without becoming a software engineer overnight. And the best thing is that the overclocking you are going to activate is guaranteed by whoever supplied you with the video card. No risk of causing damage and voiding the warranty.

A menu to overclock your video card in an instant

The performance of PCs is given by the sum of the capabilities of the individual components found inside them. The better the capabilities and performance the better the overall performance of the machine (and usually the more expensive it is overall). But by activating the overclocking functions you can gain some power and framerate without necessarily having to change any internal components. If you have an Nvidia video card, know that you have an entire menu available in which to change the performance of the machine without affecting its stability.

This is the GeForce Experience menu. But before seeing everything you can do, remember to check that both GeForce Experience and Game Ready drivers are up to date. Among the general settings, activate the mode that allows you to have pop-up menus while you play so that you can then recall them with the alt + Z key combination. Inside the Performances you will find what the work is doing at that moment your GPU and you can also activate performance tuning.

This is a feature that scans your machine to find the ideal combination and then gives you the perfect framerate to play. With the GeForce Experience app you can therefore overclock your video card in complete safety and also monitor performance while you play. The official Nvidia system makes it easier for anyone to improve the performance of their machine but pay attention to the numbers because it is still soft overclocking.

According to some tests, reported for example by colleagues at Make Use Of, it emerged that the GeForce Experience produces overclocking but not excessively, while for example with manual overclocking you can push the number of frames per second a little further. Again, however, if you are not familiar with the solution given by GeForce Experience is the optimal one for better performance in absolute safety.