Thanks to this secret to looking flawless in photos, on New Year’s Eve you will no longer have to give up fun selfies with friends.

New Year is now around the corner, and the time has come to greet the year in the company of friends, relatives or your partner properly. With a dinner at home, an evening at the disco or a concert in the square. Especially in recent years, there is another factor that characterizes New Year’s Eve for millions of people around the world, namely the so-called selfies.

Self-portraits on New Year’s Eve, the trick to always come out well

You should know that, to always look flawless in photos, there is a secret that you should try immediately and that you will never be able to do without. In this way, on New Year’s Eve you will have the opportunity to have fun selfies in the company of your loved ones. To be left saved in the Gallery and to be seen again whenever you want, they will certainly make you smile and you will be sure that you will not be ashamed of how you came out.

Funny selfies on New Year’s Eve: the secret to always being impeccable

If you want to look flawless in photos, then you must immediately know this secret available on your iPhone. Which will come in handy both on New Year’s Eve for fun selfies and for the rest of the time, with a feature you’ve never heard of before and which you can use as many times as you want to take advantage of crazy, one-of-a-kind advantages.

Here’s how to always look impeccable with self-portraits on New Year’s Eve

As explained by @hopebellee on Instagram, first take your iPhone and open the Settings app. Which you recognize by the gear icon. Now scroll down until you find the Voice Control item. Click on it, then go to Commands and Create command. At this point, you must first choose the word to pronounce to activate it. How can ‘Shot’ be. And then click Action and Custom Gesture. Tap the screen where the button to take a photo from the Camera app is usually located and you’re done.

You can then close Settings and return to the iPhone home. Lastly, open Control Center, search for Voice Control and enable the option. Finally, try saying the ‘Shoot’ command – or the one you have chosen – and you will notice that the photo will be taken automatically. So that even on New Year’s Eve, you will have flawless selfies saved in the Gallery, giving you time to pose without problems.