Now you can say goodbye to inappropriate messages on Messenger. How to block annoying profiles in a few steps.

Messenger has become one of the most used messaging platforms over the years. Connected directly to your Facebook account, this convenient app allows you to start conversations with your friends and more. For some time, in fact, the Meta development team has wanted to aim bigger. Giving anyone the opportunity to write messages and take advantage of many different features.

Here’s how to block unwanted contacts on Messenger

A decisive move both positively and negatively. Since even on Messenger it is not difficult to find – in the incoming message box – annoying profiles that contact us in an inappropriate and continuous way. If it happened to you too and you want to block them all, here’s what you should do. A few moves and you will no longer have to deal with this type of account.

How to block annoying profiles on Messenger: the complete guide

If you want to block annoying profiles on Messenger, know that it’s very simple. There is a method valid both from a smartphone and from a completely “anonymous” PC. The other person won’t know anything until they try to contact you. Follow this guide and in just a few steps you can be safer when you open the Facebook messaging service.

Follow this procedure to block unwanted contacts on Messenger

Starting from the smartphone app, first you have to log in with your personal account and then open the chat with the person you want to block. At this point, press the (i) button and then Block on the appropriate screen. Some useful options will appear, including the option to block the user only on Messenger and not on Facebook.

If you want to proceed from your computer, then type the Messenger address from the browser search bar. Now select the chat of the person you want to block and press the (…) button located at the top right. You can therefore proceed by opening the Privacy and support menu and then clicking on Block.

Among the various options that will be made available to you, you can decide between Block messages and calls, Block on Facebook, Block and so on. By doing this you will always be safe and you will know that no unwanted contact will be able to contact you on Messenger again. A quick and easy procedure that will no longer cause you any headaches. You can use this guide whenever you want and when there is someone you don’t know who keeps contacting you.