Never use one of these 20 passwords for your online accounts: they are the most frequent in Italy and the most hackable

One of the reasons why for at least three years now (it will be the same for 2023, analysts assure) the annual record of hacker attacks has been settling, is not only because cyber criminals are ahead of information security. They exploit our greatest weakness which becomes a lethal weapon in their hands. Which? Human vulnerability.

Passwords, no to recycling the same passwords, but not even the use of too common ones – Sjbeez

Call it distraction, call it lack of attention when we do mechanical actions without thinking about the button we are pushing, or the lack of care for the passwords we use online. Call it what you want, but change your attitude. It is for this moment that cyber criminals have less and less difficulty in obtaining our data, or draining our accounts: we are the ones who do not close the door in their faces, in fact in some cases we actually open it wide.

Password laundering is a rampant problem. But not only that: here’s what you shouldn’t do

Password reuse is one of the biggest mistakes we can make on the internet. The habit of always using the same passwords with the superficial idea that this is how we remember them is the riskiest thing I can do in this slightly tech and slightly smart world. Password laundering is a rampant problem: according to one of the latest surveys, more than one in two people candidly admitted to using the same password on multiple accounts: a clear case of lack of attention to the security of our data.

Passwords: from proper names to sequential numbers, those that should be avoided – – Sjbeez

Most people have heard the general advice "don’t reuse passwords" and understand that this practice is not the most secure, but continue to reuse passwords for convenience. Wrong. Extremely wrong. Almost in the same way as another serious mistake that many people usually make, always out of superficiality. But it’s never too late to remedy it.

The latest report from Nordpass, a well-known password manager, which aims to help its users organize their passwords and protect their notes, keeping them in one place, a real encrypted password vault, has revealed the 20 most common passwords, which have allowed many cyber criminals to easily enter our privacy, stealing our money and even our data, which is worse if you consider that they are sold on the dark web.

Some were obvious, like the consecutive numbers 1 from 1 to 9, or like the common names, surprising if you want the one concerning a football team, Juventus. These are the 20 passwords to carefully avoid: Admin, 123456, password, Password, 12345678, 123456789, password99, qwerty, UNKNOWN, 12345, ciaociao, francesco, 1234567890, Windows1, Windows10, riccardo, corrado, francesca, andrea, juventus.