Over the last 12 months Microsoft has pruned the functions present in Windows, some we will not miss but others were convenient.

When a new version of an operating system is released we are all ready to look at the new features that are introduced that make that version of the operating system better, hopefully, than previous versions.

Windows has changed, have you noticed that these apps are not there? – Sjbeez

But sometimes in the heat of seeking change and innovation at all costs, even operating system developers and programmers make some small mistakes. The great Windows revolution this year was the introduction of CoPilot, the assistant with artificial intelligence inside which Microsoft plans to make our lives much easier. And for an AI that arrives, other functions that had become a comfortable habit have instead been silently disappeared. Here’s everything that’s no longer on your Windows. Did you notice?

Windows functions that have disappeared into thin air or are ready to say goodbye

Some of the features of new versions of Windows probably convinced developers that historical features had become obsolete. One of the apps we have all used at least once, WordPad, for example, is about to be eliminated. the reason escapes us but it is probable that since it was a sort of free substitute for Word within Windows, a useless rivalry would have continued to occur.

Cortana as the Word Clip, where did it go? – Sjbeez

Another function that will disappear due to the innovations introduced with Windows 11 is the voice recognition tool in its primitive form. Likewise, the advice when starting Windows will disappear. If you’ve never used it, perhaps you won’t miss it, but for those who used to browse through everything to see all the new features of the update they just installed, it will be a miss that will be felt.

Just as Cortana will be missed. The voice assistant app officially no longer works, and it’s not hard to imagine why. Among the various functions present in previous versions of Windows, Cortana is in fact the closest to what CoPilot should do in new versions of Windows.

An experiment which, like many small or large things that Windows has launched at its users over the years, has not always worked properly but which we cannot help but see as a forerunner of what the brand new CoPilot will do in terms of assistance to users. Maybe we’ll miss it like we miss the Word clip.

Another feature that will no longer be present in Windows is the integrated Mail and Calendar app. The app is officially in maintenance mode, waiting to be shut down completely when the updated version of the new Outlook client arrives which, at a quick glance, incorporates the very services that were once entrusted to this second app.