This new cyber threat worries experts due to the speed at which it evolves, with increasingly advanced and dangerous functions.

New day, new cyber threat alert. In today’s landscape, the arrival of ever new viruses and malware has now become a constant: as technology continues to evolve, the techniques that criminals use to steal our data and endanger our digital security also evolve. In this context, one of the names that is emerging strongly over the times is Rhadamanthys, a malware that has recently undergone significant evolution.

A powerful new malware threatens the security of users around the world – Sjbeez

Rhadamanthys is an information stealer (i.e. a program for stealing information) developed in C++ that made its first appearance in August 2022. This malware was specifically designed to steal credentials from email services and online banking accounts and has continued to develop, adding new features and becoming an increasingly formidable threat.

There is a decidedly curious aspect of Rhadamanthys and that is its distribution model: it is sold to cybercriminals via subscription, just like many other professional software. This distribution method allows for very broad use of the malware, which can reach users via malvertising, manipulated torrent downloads, emails, YouTube videos, and more.

A threat that evolves very quickly

Check Point, a leading cybersecurity company, analyzed the latest versions of this program, noting its impressive improvements. Version 0.5.0 introduces a plugin system that offers a high level of customization, allowing cybercriminals to choose different additional "features" depending on what they want to steal or which computer they want to attack.

To avoid coming into contact with Rhadamanthys, it is recommended not to download files from unreliable sources and not to open suspicious links in emails – Sjbeez

The latest version of Rhadamanthys can also modify data copied to the clipboard to hijack payments and is capable of recovering information deleted from Google cookies and evading some antivirus programs. What worries analysts and cybersecurity experts most is that development is moving at an astonishing pace.

With each new version adding more and more dangerous features. It is critical to stay informed about these threats to protect your personal information and devices. As always, in fact, awareness and cautious behavior when moving online are essential to defend yourself from these cyber attacks.