Are you using an iPhone right now? Be careful how you use it: someone could spy on you via iMessage.

Recently, security experts at Kaspersky discovered a serious vulnerability in iPhones. This is a very serious problem and targets iMessage specifically. This IT flaw remained active for many years, despite constant warnings from experts. And now it doesn’t seem like it can be solved so easily. But what does this problem consist of?

Pay attention to your iPhone: someone could spy on you

Operators consider it one of the most dangerous vulnerabilities of the moment. This is because a remote code from Apple’s ADJUST TrueType font is exploited. The flaw has never been fixed until now, and is a crucial element for hackers. The JavaScript code, which offers a total of 11,000 lines of code, is manipulated and used by the kernel. Cybercriminals target old iPhones this way pretty much.

Serious flaw in iPhones, all users are in danger: here’s how the vulnerability works

When hackers successfully attack the device, they can begin to control it as if they had it in front of them. In later stages they launch the IMAgent process, delete some functions and run Safari stealthily. They can forward information without getting caught. And while they do this they secretly start a web page. This is verified and accepted via a script.

Is iMessage used to spy on someone? Here is the answer

The script launches the Safari exploit and executes some shell code. It in turn triggers another function in the terminal which is used via the vulnerabilities. Doing so grants root privileges and allows other steps to be performed. Spyware and other types of malware can be transmitted in this part. Your device is controlled by hackers all the time. And that’s why they can spy on iMessages easily.

This does not mean that this problem is more present in older iPhones. Experts recommend keeping your device updated to avoid any risks. If you suspect a possible hacker attack, it is best to contact the Postal Police. By doing so it becomes possible to reduce the damage, although it is not always easy to do so. This is what you need to know for those who use an iPhone. In a period like this, you can never have too much security. As usual we invite all readers to pay great attention, especially during these holidays when attention drops.