iPhone isolation mode is the safest for Apple devices. This is not really the case and there is an experiment that proves it.

Your iPhone can defend itself from most threats. Like all other Apple products, they are notoriously designed to avoid falling victim to attacks carried out through the most common computer viruses.

iPhone in isolation mode, in this case it doesn’t work – Sjbeez

And this is also one of the reasons why they have become so popular. But according to a test carried out by a team of experts, there is unfortunately a way in which hackers can even overcome the famous iPhone isolation mode.

The test starts from a series of premises which obviously must occur for the attack to be successful but given the movements recorded recently and which for example have led to the identification of a computer virus which also affects Apple products, it is necessary to always maintain the high guard.

This attack overcomes the defenses of any iPhone, be careful

Since they have become faithful companions in everyday life, the time has come to equip portable devices with antivirus too. But until now if you owned an Apple product you could worry a little less. In fact, the American company is famous for taking care of the software security aspects in detail as well as the design.

Isolation mode will not save your iPhone from this threat – Sjbeez

Unfortunately, however, perhaps due to the success and diffusion of Apple products, cyber criminals are doing more and more training to try to find all the possible flaws that iOS also presents. In fact, we must understand that there is no impregnable system, there are systems that require a lot of time to be broken, which dissuades criminals.

According to what was reported by colleagues at The Hacker News, the Jamf security research group has found a problem that could be exploited by criminals. Given that even an iPhone can now be punctured, in case you realize that something is wrong, this is the result of the test, unfortunately not even the isolation mode will save you.

In fact, what the Jamf group has discovered is that in the case of a compromised device there is a way to overcome the security system that Apple has implemented on its smartphones. The test shows that when the device is infected with some form of malware the system can be led to believe it is safe when it is not.

This is the limit of Apple’s internal security systems: the iPhone’s isolation mode is in fact very useful but only as a preventive measure. The flaw found in the iPhone’s defense system has been communicated to Apple and it is therefore very likely that the company will soon find a way to release a security patch that closes the flaw before anyone can think of using it.