The iPhone 16 could integrate a very particular new button. That’s what it will be dedicated to, it’s a revolution.

A few months after launch, the new iPhone 15s are already a success. The numbers linked to pre-orders and sales are record-breaking, and it couldn’t be otherwise considering Apple’s efforts to create latest generation iPhones with cutting-edge features. Just think of the action button, which has replaced the classic trigger for silent mode and is now 100% customizable.

iPhone 16 could have a particular new button

But as always, the tech world proceeds at a rapid pace and it is already time to think about what the next iPhone 16 will be. According to the first rumors, Apple is working on several very interesting innovations which could see the light in the month of September with the presentation of the new generation top of the range. Among other things, there is talk of a very particular new button.

Will iPhone 16 have a new button? Here’s what it is

According to what has emerged in recent days, the new iPhone 16 could boast some very interesting innovations that are ready to attract consumer interest again. In fact, there is talk of the possibility of finally seeing a button that has been requested for a long time and which will allow you to carry out a certain action in much less time.

Here’s what the new iPhone 16 button could look like

In fact, it seems that, instead of the virtual button of the mmWave antenna, Apple is thinking of positioning a button to offer tactile feedback to recognize the pressure level. The news has not yet been confirmed, but it is said that this innovation would be used to open the camera and take photos or record videos.

Other experts, however, have declared that this Capture button could arrive on all iPhone 16 models and not just for the two Pro and Pro Max variants. But as always, these are just rumors to be taken with a pinch of salt. There will certainly be a lot more talk about it between now and September. And front and rear reversals by the Cupertino OEM’s engineering team cannot be ruled out.

The only thing that is certain is that once again Apple will want to revolutionize its flagship smartphone and listen to consumer feedback in order to create increasingly cutting-edge smartphones capable of providing performance that cannot be found anywhere else. ‘other side. With technical specifications, software and hardware perfect for every type of need.