The Internet bonus for families is arriving in 2024: no ISEE limits, here’s how to activate it without paying a cent.

The bonus will be managed by Infratel, an in-house company owned by Mimit (Ministry of Business and Made in Italy). Here’s who will be entitled to the new benefit and how to activate it.

New rich internet bonus for 2024: all the information

The European Commission has given the OK to the second phase of the “Voucher plan to incentivize household demand for ultra-broadband connectivity”. This begins the consultation phase which will define the operational details and the date for the start of bonus requests. The funds allocated – 400 million euros – for the Plan will translate into the possibility of obtaining a voucher to install ultra-broadband and fibre. Let’s see what you need to know about requirements, amounts and ways to obtain the new incentive.

Internet bonus 2024, amounts and ways to apply

The plan involves providing a voucher equal to 100 euros in the form of a discount on the activation price (if any) and on the amount of the fee, including the supply of the modem. The 2022 internet bonus included 300 euros: the reduction of the contribution aims to broaden the audience of potential beneficiaries.

Internet bonus 2024: a 100 euro voucher for ultra-broadband and fibre, here’s who is entitled to it – Sjbeez

Who is entitled to the 2024 internet bonus? Private citizens will be able to request it, who will be able to obtain a 100 euro discount for installation costs and the service fee (modem included), until the allocated resources are exhausted. The internet bonus will be active for 24 months and can be transferred if you switch to another operator or another subscription. There are currently no ISEE thresholds for obtaining the 100 euro voucher, but there are still constraints to respect.

The benefit will be available to families who, at the time of requesting the bonus, do not have a home Internet connection, or to those who have a connection that is too slow, with a download speed of less than 30 Mbit/s (the old ADSL, so to speak) . The bonus will therefore be used to activate a subscription to at least 300 Mbit/s in download (i.e. ultra-broadband and fibre).

Regarding new activations, only families who have had no Internet connection in the last 6 months will be able to obtain the bonus. Another restriction: only families who have not already benefited from the Phase 1 contributions will be able to have the 100 euro voucher.

To get the 100 euro internet bonus you won’t need to apply. The supplier – i.e. the company with which the Internet contract will be signed – will directly discount the 100 euros on the activation cost (when present) and on the amount of the fee, including the supply of the modem. As for the activation times, we will have to wait for the results of the public consultation opened by Infratel, which asked operators in the sector to give their opinion on the scheme designed after consultations with the EU Commission by 11 January 2024.