Intel has the PCs of the future ready. With its new processors, it will be possible to make an epochal and unprecedented technological leap.

The world of IT is constantly evolving, with all the main players working on increasingly advanced systems in order to enjoy all the latest technologies made available. Both at a software and hardware level, and it doesn’t seem to have ended there. In fact, if everything goes as planned, 2024 will be a year of epochal turning point.

Intel’s PC of the future, new generation processors arrive

And Intel will lead the way, having recently inaugurated the PC era of the future. We can talk about a historical leap as regards the entire IT sector. And we are sure that soon the competition will also follow the same path, introducing a tech trend that has been making waves for some time and which will inevitably have to enter our lives and everyday habits.

Intel’s PCs of the future: this is what they will look like

There is one feature in particular linked to Intel’s new PCs that make you look straight to the future. As already anticipated, the American company has decided to follow the trend of recent times and to inaugurate for its processors a technology that has been talked about for some time and which will now be applied in a more decisive manner also for the IT sector. With possible implications that already smack of a historical revolution.

Intel Core Ultra are the new PC processors with AI support

The official presentation took place last December 14th, and interest immediately skyrocketed. The Intel Core Ultra are the company’s new latest generation processors which will have their extra weapon in Artificial Intelligence. In order to make the most of them, it will be necessary to have computers already ready from a technological point of view, so as to give owners the opportunity to exploit AI and all its potential.

An important point is represented by the Neural Processing Unit or NPU, which was designed specifically to support AI loads and which can be accelerated with low energy consumption and with unique efficiency. In terms of performance, there is talk of a boost that could even reach 40%.

Intel’s strategy now seems to be clear and precise. Consider that the company’s idea is to enable AI on more than 100 million computers by 2025, collaborating with over 100 software producers and developing 300 features supported by artificial intelligence.