Which apps to install immediately on your new smartphone? For this question the answer is a list. Write down everything and start downloading.

You have just purchased or received a new smartphone as a gift and you immediately want to make it much more yours, much more performing and maybe even make sure you don’t make the same mistakes you made with the device you had before and which you had to change.

The best apps to have on your smartphone

When you turn on your device, the first thing to do is obviously to check if there are any updates both for Android and for the version of Android you have installed or the apps that come by default with the operating system. Once you have entered the data relating to your Google account and the internet connections the smartphone can use to avoid using the SIM data, there are some apps that help you live better.

Increase security, connectivity and fun by following our little shopping list. Keep in mind that the apps we recommend are intended for those who own an Android smartphone but if you have decided on an iPhone you will only have to find equivalent products: the theory does not change.

The apps you absolutely must have on your new smartphone

You’ve been waiting for it for a while and you finally have your new device in your hands. The previous one came to a bad end after years of honorable service or during a transfer some criminal decided that it was a desirable object and left you stranded. Regardless of how you came into possession of the digital object you now have in your hand, to make it work as best as possible, there are some apps that can be very useful to you.

What are the best apps on your mobile phone

As we mentioned before, these are apps that are recommended in their Android version but if you own an iPhone you just need to find the equivalents. First of all, before installing WhatsApp, Telegram or whatever the way you keep yourself connected to your world, we recommend installing an app to manage passwords. An average user who surfs the internet without particular needs produces over 100 accounts with respective passwords in their life.

Once the security issue has been resolved, you can install communication apps. If you use SMS because they are unlimited and free with your tariff plan, you could give Google Messages a try, which is found on the Play Store. There has been a lot of talk about it because now even iPhone users who exchange messages with non-Apple users can do so through balloons.

Then there are all the communication apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Discord depending on where your digital tribe is located. For video calls you can use Google Meet which works between different devices and regardless of the operating system. Another app that can be very useful to you is Gboard, which is Google’s keyboard with many personalized and customizable functions. Finally, check and make friends with Google Wallet, very useful not only for managing credit and debit cards but also for all entry or loyalty cards.