Pay attention to an active function on your smartphone, if you don’t disable it you will never be safe: here’s how to proceed.

The smartphone experience must take into account possible privacy risks. The dangers of the internet are many and constantly increasing and this leads you to pay attention to any active function on your device.

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Today, with the smartphone we can carry out many activities that allow us both to work better and to carve out a few minutes of break and relaxation. Among the most used applications there is certainly WhatsApp capable of guaranteeing very fast communication with all the contacts saved in the address book.

Right on WhatsApp there is a function to pay particular attention to if you want to avoid some rather annoying consequences. In fact, there is a setting that can consume a large part of the data connection’s gigabytes and at the same time fill the gallery with content. Let’s identify the problem together and find out how to disable this feature.

How to disable a WhatsApp function: this is how you make your smartphone safe

The WhatsApp messaging service is currently the most used by users all over the world, with an ever-increasing interest thanks to its many internal functions. Among these we may have activated the automatic download of contents which could create more than a few problems for the smartphone.

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Automatic download inevitably leads to accumulating many photos and videos in the gallery, so as to quickly fill the internal memory of your device. This function is present in various apps and must always be deactivated because on the one hand we can choose what to download and save and on the other we do not find ourselves in the gallery of contents that we would never have kept.

At this point all that remains is to deactivate the function present in WhatsApp and to do so only a few steps are needed. First of all, you need to open the WhatsApp application and click on the three dots arranged vertically. From the small window that opens we should go to Settings and immediately click on the Chat and “Media visibility” item. Once you get here you simply need to move the lever from ON to OFF to deactivate the function.

The procedure described can also be used to prevent contents from group chats from being downloaded automatically. The only difference is that you have to act directly from the chat and find the "Media visibility" option. If you want to reactivate the option, simply repeat the procedure in the exact same way.