If you are looking for work, you could use social networks to your advantage: here’s how to get noticed by those hiring.

Finding a job is not so simple, given that the competition is particularly fierce and that not all job advertisements are suitable for what you would like to do and the skills you possess.

Here’s how social media can help you find a job – Sjbeez

To be able to find a suitable job for yourself, there are different solutions that you can rely on, different paths to take, such as relying on a temporary agency, or asking friends and acquaintances by word of mouth, or even searching on job offer sites. Very often what is forgotten, however, are social media, a very powerful tool that can be used at one’s disposal to find a job and there are three suggestions in particular to follow to succeed in this aim.

Finding work thanks to social media: here are the three things you can do

Entering specific groups in a sector: many social networks offer the possibility of creating groups, public or private, in which users can enter to share their thoughts and ideas with each other and perhaps find someone to start a collaboration with. Generally these groups refer to very specific niches, so you need to identify your own and then look for suitable groups. The important thing is to interact with the other members and often there are recruiters among them

How to find a job with social networks – Sjbeez

Take advantage of free content: many social pages publish free content relating to certain niches, generally in exchange for subscribing to their newsletter, and you can exploit all this content both to learn new knowledge and to get in touch with people who work in your area of ​​interest and therefore have the opportunity to make acquaintances and understand how to work in that environment

Publish your own content: publishing your own content is an excellent way to get noticed by others, given that a reel on Instagram or a video on Tik Tok could end up on the page of a recruiter who, interested, could delve deeper into the profile and request a collaboration. Obviously you shouldn’t expect this method to work on the first publication, but you need to work consistently and commit to creating posts that are of interest and that give something useful to people